Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Ronald Hirano on Mother Delight Rice

Last February, De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde School of Deaf Education and Applied Studies was honored to have Mr. Ronald Hirano as guest and resource speaker. 

Mr. Ronald Hirano, a Deaf Nisei (American-Japanese), was "adopted by Miss Delight Rice, who founded the Philippine School for the Deaf in 1907, when his entire famil was interned to relocation camps with 120,000 Japanese-Americans during World War II. Educated in California School for the Deaf-Berkeley, Gallaudet University and San Francisco State University. He is an architectural drafter, engineer, artist, and photographer. In 2009, he received the Gallaudet University Alumni Association Pauline "Polly" Peikoff Service to Others Award. The award is presented to a hearing or deaf individual from within the deaf community who has contributed, beyond normal expectations, his or her time, in service to others.

In an event entitled "Mother Delight Rice and her Children," Mr. Hirano generously shared his experiences and excerpts from his published book, "The Life Story of Mother Delight Rice and Her Children: The First Teacher of the Deaf in the Philippines."

SDEAS Deaf Advocacy Coordinator Raymond Manding explains the accessibility set-up before the start of the event. Since Mr. Hirano uses American Sign Language (ASL), Mr. Raphy Domingo will then interpret to Filipino Sign Language (FSL) for the Deaf members of the audience. There will be voice interpreters as well for the hearing members of the audience. 

The opening prayer and the national anthem is led
by the Silent Steps members of the SDEAS Deaf Performing Arts Program.

SDEAS Deaf Advocacy Coordinator Raymond Manding explaining the interpreter set-up for the event. 

Opening remarks by Mr. Leonides Sulse,
SDEAS Chairperson, Center for Academics (C-A)

Introduction of the speaker by Ms. Ana Kristina Arce, SDEAS Faculty and Gallaudet Alumna.

John Baliza and Bayani Generoso are the voice interpreters for the event to ensure full accessibility. 

Mr. Ronald Hirano thanks the Filipino Deaf community for the invitation and shares his life background.

With Mr. Raphy Domingo as FSL interpreter 
projected unto the screen side by side with Mr. Hirano signing in ASL

Since Raphy Domingo is bilingual he understands ASL and is able to interpret in FSL.

John Baliza and Bayani Generoso take turns in voice interpreting.

He says, Delight Rice was an extraordinary teacher and principal who was responsible for many unprecedented achievements in Deaf education. US government sent her to establish a deaf education system in the first School for the Deaf in the Philippines.

The guest of honor proudly donates copies of his book to
Ms. Ana Arce, Mr. Leonides Sulse, Ms. Agnes Canayon, and Ms. Giselle Montero

Deaf faculty and students alike participate in the open forum.

This event is proudly headed by the Benildean Deaf Association (BDA).
Student BDA President Nicole Magpayo presents the Certificate of Appreciation
to Mr. Hirano while BDA Adviser Ms. Febe Sevilla (far left) looks on.

Closing remarks from Dean Nicky Templo Perez of SDEAS

Monday, February 16, 2015

Ronald Hirano visits in Philippines School for the Deaf (PSD)

Last February 3, 2015, Ronald Hirano visited the Philippine School for the Deaf (PSD). Delight Rice, a hearing daughter of deaf parents and the subject of the book "The Life Story of Mother Delight Rice and her Children" by Ronald Hirano. Mother Delight Rice is the first educator of the Deaf in the Philippines and the founder of PSD. Ms. Febe Sevilla, SDEAS faculty member and veteran interpreter, invited Ronald Hirano in Manila to tell the Story of his Mother Delight Rice. Ms. Febe encourged all Deaf schools to learn from Ronald's stories of history. 

By 9:30am, Deaf children were ready to welcome to him with flags in PSD.

Sign the guest book.

Mr. Ronald says, "Thank you to all the Deaf Students."

Mr. Hirano is accompanied by PSD faculty to the stage theater.

John Baliza interpreting FSL with speaker.

"Lupang Hinirang" (Tagalog, “Chosen Land”) is the national anthem of the Philippines.

The picture of history about Mr. Ronald M. Hirano in long past years.

Bayani intrepreting in FSL and Jun Sevilla intrepreting for the students.

Diana interpreting in FSL with Mr. Ronald Hirano is using ASL.
He tells the story of his Mother Delight Rice and more about the book.

Mr. Hirano donates copies of his book to PSD.

 Blind Students from Philippine National School for the Blind
Deaf students in the Elementary of PSD.

He realized that the "Acacia" tree is almost 100 years old. 

RenatoCruz talks with Ronald Hirano about the subjects in elementary and high school levels.

Mr. Hirano also visited the Philippine National School for the Blind (PNSD), 
the campus of which is close by the Philippine School for the Deaf (PSD)

The younger children still stay at the free dormitory in PNSD. 
Some parents cannot afford education for their blind children. 

Emergency safety slide for evacuation of blind students.
The blind students in the classroom.

Blind student learning mathematics using braille.

Understanding the ways a blind student learns in school.

More photos in the stage theater.

Mr. Ronald Hirano's presentation about his mother, Delight Rice.

Miss Ana Arce signing FSL while Mr. Hirano signs in ASL.

Students are given the chance to ask questions after Mr. Hirano's lecture.

Students present the Folk culture tradition and dance history of the Philippines.

"Melengas Bance Ensemble" 

 Deaf Students show how "The Tinkling" is done.

 "Mazurka Boholana" Dance

"Pandanggo Sa Ilaw" Dance

"Maglalatik" Dance

The students sent to California School for the Deaf by Delight Rice. 

 Delight Rice traveled the world and decided to stay in the Philippines. 

Mr. Hirano shared the first School was started for the Deaf and Blind in 1907 by Miss Delight Rice. 
 US government sent her to establish a deaf education system in the Philippines.

Ms. Lovelynn Jane of PSD awards Certificate of Appreciation to Mr. Ronald Hirano.

Mr. Ronald Hirano (Deaf) and Ms. Lovelynn Jane S. Bacera (Hearing) PSD Officer-in-charge.

Mr. Jun Sevilla of PSD with his closing remarks,
saying "thank you for coming Mr. Ronald Hirano."